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How soon should I start dancing lessons for my wedding?

This is a common question for all wedding couples. Since everyone learns to dance at a different pace, we at Houston Ballroom Dance feel that it's always better to start sooner than later.

We always recommend scheduling an $10 Introductory Private Lesson to get yourself acquainted with learning to dance in general.

Dancing looks easy when we watch others do it, when we watch it on TV, or it seems simple, but it can be more challenging than you think.

Most women will pick up faster than most men, only because ladies might have done some form of dance when they were younger, or have taken dance exercise classes, dance cardio classes, and women naturally feel more comfortable using their hips. Since followers only follow the leader, they have to learn less.

One should consider starting dance lessons a few months (3-6 months in advance) before a wedding. It's actually not uncommon to start a year in advance. After all, you want to look natural by the time your wedding rolls around. Not to mention, the man in your life will definitely need a lot more time to learn. He has to lead, hear music, keep time , know his steps, know the follower's steps, and have a basic understanding of navigation around a crowded floor, to feel comfortable with what he is doing.

You also need to prepare for potential emergencies that could arise in your life before the wedding: someone could become ill, you may have to travel a lot with work, etc.......

Starting early with dancing lessons will just help prevent any unnecessary stress. You want to enjoy learning to dance together at a comfortable pace. This will also encourage your partner that learning to dance is kinda fun and relaxing. It can really be a fun thing to do regularly for Date Nights.

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