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Have you watched Dancing with the Star or So You Think You Can Dance and thought......

"I'd Love to try that!". "But where would I get started?".


Our Teachers at Houston Ballroom Dance TX not only specialized in social dance instruction, but we are all Professional Ballroom Dancers! 


Many of our dance teachers compete at National and International Ballroom dance competitions on a regular basis. We prepare our students for Professional and Amateur dance competitions. Competitive dancing is never a requirement at our Houston Ballroom Dance Studio. Not everyone wants or desires to challenge themselves mentally and physically by participating in Ballroom Dance Competitions. 


In all sports and atheletics, some play for fun and recreation, and some like the challenge of competition. Not every golfer will do a tournament, not every ballplayer will play on a team, and not every cook will enter a cooking contest.

Many dancers just want to not embarrass themselves at weddings and social gatherings. But there are also dancers that enjoy dancing for money, scholarship, recognition, and fun!


Some dancers enjoy traveling to exciting locations to compete against other dancers like themselves. They enjoy dressing up, feeling glamourous, feeling like a movie star for a weekend! Some like the challenge of competition dancing because maybe you have a goal to lose weight, be more graceful, travel and meet new friends with similar interests, or you just like adventure and fun. 


Many couples will compete because dancing is a great hobby for couples to share together. Its exciting to travel to a new city for a romantic getaway and to share the thrill of dancing with the one you love. Men dress up in their tuxedos, and ladies in their ballgowns and sexy latin dresses. When was the last time you dressed up for your spouse in this way??? Ballroom dancing in not only a fun hobby but a sexy one!


And if you are problem! Many students will travel with their professional instructor and compete in PRO/AM competitions. This is a great way to make new friends and to have fun and enjoy life! 


Many competitions offer Newcomer/Absolute Beginner Levels of competition for those new to competition dancing. But there are also catagories for the intermediate and advance dancers as well. 


Perhaps you have competed in ballroom dance competitions before and desire to get back into it? Are you new in town looking for a Top Notch Instructor to learn from? 


Please contact us with your dancing needs and we can help you find the right ballroom dance instructor in Houston TX to fit your dancing needs. Many of our competitive Houston Ballroom Dance Instructors teach at a few dance studios around town. Let us help you set up a try out lesson and consultation with one of our Ballroom Dance Pros.

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