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Group Dance Lessons


Group Dance Lessons allow for you to learn to dance with a group of people.

You can start your own group class with a group of friends or family members or you can join one of our groups. Group instruction allows for you to lead or follow different people. Since everyone feels different to dance with, a group class will give you the chance to practice leading or following different partners. Partners are rotated as different dances and patterns are taught each week. 

Some of our group classes are "specialty classes" that focus a certain styles of dance or techniques. These classes are a great compliment to private lessons.  Group classes also give you a chance to practice dancing and maneuvering around other dancers on the dance floor. 

Learn to Ballroom Dance and Impress Someone Special!

Please Email us for a current schedule of group classes. Classes change from month to month. Some classes are seasonal and are only offered during certain times of the year. You may also request a class, if we don't offer what you are looking for.

You must Pre-Register before coming in. Sometimes classes are rescheduled or cancelled. Please DO NO JUST SHOW UP, if you have not contacted us about attending a class.


This is only a partial list of group classes. Please call or email us for additional times and dates that may not be listed. We are always starting new groups based on interests. 






Please contact us if you are not able to enroll online.  We might have openings or cancellations for a class, so please check with us to see if there is still room available in a class. Sometimes we have new classes that have not been posted online.  Some classes you must call  or email us to enroll.

There is not always an even number of leaders and followers in each group class. If you enroll alone, there might be times you will not have a partner to dance with. We do rotate partners in every class. If you are enrolling in a class with a partner, please be advised that you will be rotating and dancing with everyone. If you prefer to stick with only your partner, please consider private lessons or our couples only classes. Please contact us for options and suggestions. 

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